We invest in advanced technology for routing and traffic processing, cloud storage and secure data transmission as well as intelligent services.

Our goal is to offer innovative and up-to-date services in the market, as well as traditional packages of communication services.


Sponsored roaming across the globe

A fast option for MVNOs and for small MNOs to obtain global roaming coverage for SMS, voice and mobile data. Your subscriber will use our IMSI when in roaming, while we will provide traffic routing and all the statistics in the format similar to a direct roaming agreement.

MULTI IMSI platform

Thanks to this solution, we can convert signal and statistical data from IMSI of the sponsor to any format you may need. We function as a DCH and provide you with all sorts of data: subscriber location, NRTDE files, TAP files. We offer a stable connection of the subscriber IMSI with the IMSI of the sponsor.


We will provide you with special SIM cards with global coverage and optimal mobile data rates for your M2M or IoT system. Get fast data exchange between different nodes of your system at competitive prices – both in the local network and in roaming.


We will give you virtual numbers with attractive rates and services (calls, SMS, data) for your clients and remotely upload virtual profiles to eSim slots on supported devices.

Sim cards for business and travel

Branded Sim cards, both in plastic and in Esim forms. We are ready to provide rechargeable cards, additional numbers and voice traffic routing through your PBX.

The best routes for SMS and Voice traffic

We will give you optimal routing for your voice and SMS traffic across the globe. Premium A-Z coverage, competitive rates for traffic transit and termination, various interconnection options (SIP signaling, SS7, etc.)